Friday, September 08, 2006

First Comment in Japan

Almost a month has passed since we reached Japan. I am sorry I did not write on here soon. How are you? Is there nothing wrong with you? I am fine but I have been feeling sorrow as I cannot see you. I miss all of you, the two weeks days spent with you, American beautiful scene, and the atmosphere filled with English.
In Japan, I mainly spent my days doing club activities. I belong to Orchestra club and play the horn. We are practicing for the concert held in November. So I did practicing on weekdays.
Now, I start to write a report about the trip. I am going to write about cultural differences between Japan and America including my experiences in American-Indian museum. I research by myself but if you have any advices for my report, please give me some comments.
I heard about mail missing from you to me by Hiromi(F). In fact, I did not get your mail before. Are there any troubles on computer?